Inglés Examen de Ingreso

Inglés : Test de Comprensión Escrita

INSTRUCCIONES: A continuación, se encontrará 5 textos seguidos de una serie de preguntas relacionadas con los mismos. Deberá elegir para cada pregunta la opción (A), (B), (C), o (D) más correcta basándose solamente en lo que aparece en el texto o lo que se pueda deducir de su lectura.

Britain is basically a law-abiding country. This may, or may not, explain the addiction of As citizens to crime novels.

1.    The first sentence means that, in general, the British people

A)    need few laws
B)    need many laws
C)    obey their laws
D)    disobey their laws

2.    According to the second sentence, the British are noted for

A)    committing serious crimes
B)    legalizing most drugs
C)    enjoying books about crimes
D)    becoming addicted to drugs

3.    The passage as a whole, says that the British people ordinarily

A)    disapprove of criminal behavior but enjoy fiction about it
B)    prefer committing crimes to having to read about such behavior
C)    are influenced by their literature to obey most of the laws
D)    disregard their laws, as a rule, because of their reading habits

Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the quality and/or performance of this product, send name, address and reason for dissatisfaction, along with this entire label and price paid, to the address below. Your purchase price will be returned.

4.    Most customers who follow these directions on this product are doing so to

A)    get back the money they paid for it
B)    receive a replacement through the mail
C)    obey the instructions on everything they buy
D)    threaten the manufacturer with legal action

5.    Customers following these directions must send the manufacturer

A)    their receipt from the store
B)    the entire product they bought
C)    an explanation for their action
D)    a stamped self-addressed envelope

Soluciones: 1-C , 2-C , 3-A , 4-A , 5-A

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