Examen de Inglés Oficiales 2020

Examen de Inglés Escala de Oficiales con Titulación Comprensión Escrita

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

Planet formation is a spinoff — literally — of star formation. Stars are born in interstellar space, which for the most part is filled with extremely tenuous gas and dust. But some regions of the interstellar medium, called molecular clouds, are much denser than their surroundings. It’s here that star formation takes place. The cloud’s gravity is strong enough to make it collapse down in size, from several light years across to something like the present size of the Solar System.

  1. Star formation is result of planet formation.
  2. Planet formation takes place in interstellar medium.
  3. The interstellar medium is less dense than its environment.
  4. Some regions of the interstellar medium are called molecular clouds.


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