Examen Inglés Oficiales Promoción Interna

Examen Inglés Escala Oficiales Promoción

Preguntas 41 a 45: Elija la palabra correcta:

<< When we were children, Hassan and I … (41).. to climb the poplar trees in the driveway of my father’s house and annoy.. (42)… neighbours by reflecting sunlight into their homes with a mirror. We would sit across from each other on a pair of high branches, our naked feet dangling, our trouser pockets filled ..(43).. dried mulberries (44)… walnuts. We took turns with the mirror as we ate mulberries, giggling, laughing. I can still see Hassan up on that tree : his flat , broad nose and slanting, narrow eyes like bamboo leaves, eyes that looked , depending on the light, gold , green, even sapphire. Sometimes, (45) in those trees, I talked Hassan into firing walnuts with his slingshot at the neighbour’s one eyed German shepherd. Hassan never wanted to , but if I asked, really asked, he wouldn’t deny me.>>

41. A) go     B) used     C) sometime     D) start

42. A) our     B) ours     C) your     D) someone

43. A) It      B) they     C) with     D) large

44. A) play     B) very     C) and     D) much

45. A) up     B) under     C) close     D) some

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Examen Inglés Escala Suboficiales A.B.A.

Ingreso y Promoción Suboficiales Ejército del Aire (extracto)

1.         I gave the gril the key

a) I gave her it     b) I gave to she     c) She gave it to me    d) I gave it to her

2.         ……….. umbrella is this?. It’s mine.

a) whom     b) which     c) whose     d)         what

3.         With ………… did you go to the party? I went with Michael

a) Whom     b) Who     c) Which     d) What

4.         Patty lent her car to ugly. She lent ……..

a) him it     b) lt to he     c) It to his     d) lt to him

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5.         What time is it?

a) I have five o’clock     b) I have five     c) It’s five o’clock     d) It has five o’clock

6.         He thinks they will come, but I don’t think ………

a) it     b) like he     c) so     d) That

7.         They work very hard. They should he proud of …………..

a) theirselves     b) themselfes     c) themselves     d) theirselves

8.         When  he was a child he always said he would ………. a doctor.

a) yet     b) overcome     c) become     d) reach

Examen Escala Superior Oficiales : Inglés

Escala Superior Oficiales Inglés 2007

INSTRUCCIONES: Elegir la opción que contenga la palabra con significado sea más parecido al de la palabra subrayada.

EJEMPLO: The Bighorn Mountain sheep is a shy animal.

A) crafty B) deadly C) timid D) swift.

De las cuatro palabras propuestas, la que tiene un significado más parecido a «shy» es la palabra «timid»; por consiguiente, la respuesta correcta sería la C).

1.- I don’t know that idiom.

A) language B) tongue C) speaking D) expression

2.- Taking orders in advance didn’t help much; it was only marginally useful in marketing the product.

A) barely B) mildly C) urgently D) concisely

3.- The river of molten lava flowing steadily toward the town was an awesome sight.

A) a heart-warming B) an encouraging C) an astonishing D) an amusing

4.- Being eager to see the newest movie, we arrived at the theatre quite early.

A) inept B) avid C) torpid D) guilty

5.- Most American families allocate one quarter of their income for housing.

A) budget B) earn C) generate D) invest

6.- When she moved to her new apartment, she felt quite thrilled.

A) joyful B) horrified C) scared D) terrified

7.- After hatching the eggs, the female of the species seems to lose interest in her offspring.

A) mate C) progeny B) nest D) welfare

8.- The officer’s bold plan included a midnight raid.

A) qualified B) daring C) cautious D) inept

SOLUCIONES: 1D; 2A; 3C; 4B; 5D; 6A; 7C; 8B

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