Test de Inglés

Prueba de Expresión Escrita

Escala de Oficiales

1. His company empowered him to negotiate the contract.

a) Helped
b) Forbade
c) Authorized
d) Ordered

2. After the alien spacecraft had hovered over the park for a short whiIe, it vanished.

a) Landed
b) Disappeared
c) Attacked
d) Rose

3. If the crops are not irrigated soon, the harvest will be sparse.

a)  Watered
b) Plowed
c) Planted
d) Fertilized

4. The arcient Greek temple is perched on top of Athens’  highest hill.

a) Paramount
b) Seen
c) Viewed
d) Located

5. Most of the wounded passengers were quickly removed from the aircraft.

a) Unconscious
b) Injured
c) Deceased
d) Distressed

6. An unsuccessful attempt was made to salvage the yacht and its contents.

a) Save
b) Surface
c) Sink
d) Submerge

7. It was difficuit to apprehend the criminal because of the sketchy details supplied by the witness.

a) Complicated
b) Gruesome
c) Artistic
d) Vague

8. Her onIy chance to elude her pursuer was to mingle with the crowd.

a) Friend
b) Lawyer
c) Follower
d) Captor

Soluciones a los test propuestos:

1 D – 2 D – 3 A – 4 D – 5 B – 6 A – 7 D – 8 D

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